There's no cost to participate but contestants must fill out the entry form in advance and be ticketholders.
Contest registration has not opened yet. Check back for entry forms!


Amateur Recipe Contest - 12:00PM

Show us your best recipe that includes horseradish! This contest will take place at the Long Island Horseradish Festival, Sunday, April 10, at 12:00PM EST. Judges will be rating recipes from (1-5) in 4 categories: PRESENTATION, CREATIVITY, USE OF HORSERADISH and OVERALL TASTE. Contestants must be 16+ to enter and must provide enough of their recipe for 5 judges. All entries must be prepared in advance and brought to the site for judging. Dishes cannot be sampled to general attendees due to health code. Limited space available.



Bloody Mary Recipe Contest - 2:00PM

There’s nothing better than a Bloody Mary with Sunday brunch. Do you have a Bloody Mary recipe that your friends and family rave about? Enter it in this contest! The Bloody Mary Recipe contest will take place at the Long Island Horseradish Festival, Sunday, April 19 at 2:00PM EST. Judges will be grading recipes from (1-5) in five categories: PRESENTATION, TEXTURE, USE OF HORSERADISH, CREATIVITY and OVERALL TASTE. Contestants must be 21+ to enter and must make enough Bloody Mary for all judges to taste. All entries must be prepared on site; ONLY our provided vodka will be permitted. Horseradish must be used in all recipes. Limited space available.


Root Lugging Contest - 4:00PM

This is a contest done in pairs, so grab your best buddy and start working on your arm exercises to prepare for this one! The objective is to pack the most horseradish roots into a sack and walk the sack across the line just in time – you have one minute and only one shot. The team that walks the most horesradish roots (by weight) in sacks across the line in time is the winner! There is no age limit to participate but only one team will be awarded the winner. Horseradish roots and sacks will be provided. Limited space available.